Sheridan Student Union Diversity in Education Award

Sheridan Student Union (SSU) represents all Sheridan students and creates an exceptional student experience through student focused programs, services, and advocacy.

The SSU Diversity in Education Award recognizes the impact of race as a social construct. Race isn’t biological but is socially constructed differences among people based on various characteristics such as place of origin, manner of speech, beliefs and practices, physical characteristics, and others. Societies construct races as real, different, and unequal in ways that matter to economic, political, and social life. People who are subject to this process are “racialized” and can have racial meanings attributed to them in ways that have a negative impact. For example, biases and stereotypes based on race may result in discrimination from individuals and institutions. The policies, practices, and patterns of behaviour of institutions can appear to be non-discriminatory or not intentionally discriminatory, but in fact have a discriminatory effect on particular racialized people or groups. These experiences can lead to further negative impacts, such as limited opportunities in education.

This award focuses on increasing access to education and responds to the SSU goal of supporting quality student experiences at Sheridan.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must self-identify as Black, Indigenous or Racialized
  • Open to returning Domestic and International students enrolled full-time in the Spring / Summer 2022 term
  • Open to all full-time programs (Note: joint programs are excluded)
  • Must meet minimum 3.0 GPA or higher from current program (Sheridan previous full-time GPA required)
  • Must demonstrate financial need

Please note: The award amounts range from $500 – $1,000.

Sheridan Student Union
Awards Office
Supplemental Questions
  1. Would you like to be considered for this award?
  2. Do you self-identify as Black, Indigenous or Racialized?
  3. How would receiving this award impact you?